Money Machines' vision is to be the premier deployer of ATMs in the Central Arkansas area. Our goal is to bring to small business the money making secret that BIG businesses (Walmart, Kroger, CVS, Target, Best Buy, Walgreens, etc.) already know.  The more money people have in hand, the more money they spend.  Drop by any "BIG" business listed and you will see each one already has an ATM on site, ever wonder why?


Every customer who has ever needed cash in a pinch knows why.  These companies want customers to seek them out so they provide a necessity.  The gratitude felt when an ATM is discovered leads to future trips when the need for cash is pressing.


We aim to make every small business that destination, giving the business owners and teams the opportunity to convert passers-by into guests.




Real Stories from Real Organizations!

Who's Growing Sales!

Quick and Easy "Roadmap" to Greater Profits:


  1. MM, LLC will set up an initial consultation appointment with your organization.

  2. Once the decision has been made to partner, a written agreement will be completed.

  3. Once completed the ATM will be shipped professionally installed to your location.

  4. At that point, a representative of MM, LLC will monitor and maintain the ATM on your premises during business hours.


That's it!  That's all to it! Greater profits and greater customers will be on their way to your business!

How It Works!

The advantages of having an on-site ATM are:

  • Increased profits through cash purchases.

  • Reduced expenses in merchant fees.

  • Reduced insufficient check fees.

  • Provides customer service to those requesting cash back.

  • More Positive Image with Customers.

  • Increased foot traffic by those in search of access to cash.

Money Machines, LLC exists to grow business profits one withdrawal at a time.  In today's economy it is common place to see ATMs at banks or convenience stores.  But what happens when a customer needs access to cash while they are already where they intend to be?  Customers stop spending or they leave your business to go get cash.  At that point there is no assurance that the customer will return.  A free placement ATM allows your customers to replenish their funds without ever leaving the premises.  Creating increased sales for you!

​Why Free Placement?